About US

Because of the types of things we will be discussing on this website, we prefer to remain anonymous due to the heightened persecution of people who say things that other people don’t like. Because of this, please don’t try to figure out who we are, and we will try and respect your privacy as well.

But here’s a little information about those who are posting on this website: we have varying degrees of expertise from doctorates in physics, and biology, to bachelors in computer science, and English. We run┬ábusinesses, and┬ácharities. We are single, married, with children and without. We are men and women.

We politically, religiously, and economically disagree with each other, but still agree to share our ideas on this website. If you would like to be a contributor, you need to agree to be anonymous like everyone else, so that ideas will be valued for their presentation, and not from whom they are coming.


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